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James is always interested in undertaking commissions in the Streetscape style for organisations or individuals,

ranging from large scale public buildings to private houses.


Ideally a site visit is required to take measurements and photographs, but, if this is not practical,

the work can be undertaken on the basis of your own photographs


The drawings are carried out in pencil and pencil crayon on cartridge paper.

The purchaser receives the original drawing. 

Copyright remains with the artist.

Additional prints can also be arranged, but please note that prints are generally darker with

more intense colour than the originals, as they are designed to work better when viewed from a distance.


The cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of the work. 

Once this is known a quotation will be prepared based on the estimated number of hours required.

Recent commissions have ranged from £300 for a small house to £2000 for more complex work.  


Please email us at

With details of your project

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